I'm guessing that we share some similarities, some shared experiences, both positive and not so positive.
I spent my adult years up to the age of 30 with my head buried in the sand. Running and hiding from the reality of the world around me. This manifest itself as drug abuse, promiscuity and destructive relationships.
Then at the age of 30 years and 5 months I experienced an awakening. In a heartbeat the entire landscape of my past became clear, I could see the path of causality which had led to these destructive behaviours.
Since that moment I have been on a relentless journey of self discovery and growth, visiting all corners of the earth and immersing myself into various cultures and ancient, esoteric practices.
All of this self work has been with one intention; to forget the non authentic programming I have picked up over the years and remember exactly who I am.
In the last 7 years I've gone from depressed most days, unhappy in my career, a purposeless life and an inability to get control, to a person who does what they want most days, picks and chooses projects to work on and can work from anywhere in the world (current choice is in a forest 950 meters up the side of a volcano!).
The path I have walked is my path, and I don't pretend it will work for everyone, however along the way I have discovered various universal, fundamental truths which, when applied, work every time.
It is my purpose in life to assist in the collective elevation of human consciousness, so I will continue to explore and experiment in the search for gold.

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    The one thing my journey so far has taught me is that life is not linear,

    however much our analytical minds would like it to be, life simply does not move in straight lines.


    Once we embrace this, the true variety of our reality reveals itself.


    1yr ago I had no idea i'd be where I am now, and 1yr from now...who knows!


    So if you have a project or idea you'd like my involvement with, please reach out!








    Coaching is a broad term today, it often means different things to different people.


    The work I do with my clients is about helping them to untangle their psyche, so they're able to see more clearly and step out of their limitations into a world of infinite possibility.


    Synergising a combination of ancient practice and the latest practices from the field of human development allows for deep inquiry and rapid results, which impact every area of life.


    If you are stuck in a rut, seeking purpose, looking to heal trauma, seeking to improve relationships or work with addictive patterns we should speak, click the button below to schedule a discovery call.

    My rate for ad-hoc coaching is €100 per hour, however Pineal Tribe members (those who have attended a Pineal Retreat) qualify for a 25% discount.

    I owe much of my transformation during the recent years to the deep work I have done on myself, which for the most part has been triggered by the work we do on our Pineal Tribe Retreats.


    I am yet to find an experience as immersive and transformative as these retreats, both for myself and the hundreds of people we've had complete them over the recent years.


    We focus on profound healing and transformation, which is only truly possible when a loving, nurturing and judgement free environment is created.


    We combine ancient knowledge, shamanic practices and cutting edge therepeutic techniques to create a truly unique experience.


    If now is the time for you to become limitless and start truly living the life you were meant to live we should speak, click the button below to schedule a discovery call.