My books

The Kingdom Within:

The Path to Becoming God


How do you become god?

How do you connect to your kingdom?

How do you summon infinite power from your followers?


How do you find enlightenment?

During a shamanic plant medicine ceremony I was shown the answers to these questions.


This book is the first sharing of this channelled wisdom and will help you to:

- Ask any question to trillions of YOUR followers, who can access infinite wisdom
- Increase physical, mental, emotional and sexual performance
- Self diagnose illness & stop yourself from getting sick
- Tune in to what is best for YOU, not what is simply recommended to the masses

- Discover how to realise your full potential and find enlightenment.

We're all designed to be gods, the question is are you ready to make the choice to step into your power?


'The Kingdom Within - The Path to Becoming God' is the first in the 5 book series and looks to introduce a new way to view the body.


Using the 4-levels of body consciousness, I am able to guide you to a far higher sense of personal awareness.


The book is scheduled for release Winter 2021.

books that changed my life

Power vs. Force: Dr David Hawkins

This is the book which expanded my understanding of human consciousness and set off a journey of study which has become a passion.


Dr Hawkins builds on research from Dr John Diamond to delineate the levels of consciousness, in turn creating a blueprint of understanding for why people do what they do and think what they think.


However the most powerful aspect for me is how this knowledge has given me a framework within which I can understand how to raise my level of consciousness.


This short review serves no justice to this exquisite work, please read this book!

Reality Transurfing: Vadim Zeland


Quantum Physicist and Mystic Vadim Zeland apparently attained the knowledge contained in this series of books during a dream, for this reason he claims no ownership of the knowledge.


Reality Transurfing serves to demystify the world of the unseen energetic forces which govern the universe. He provides practical steps for moving yourself toward a state of universal flow.


There are 5 books in this series, I have to say books 2 & 5 are my favourite.


I affectionately refer to this series of books as the 'Jedi Scrolls'.

Conversations with God: Neale Donald Walsh

This beautifully crafted series of books is the shared experience of Neale Donald Walsh, and man who had a very deep and detailed conversation with god.


Some of the love infused wisdom which flows from these pages leaves you profoundly overwhelmed at times, the insights shared here can be instantaneously life changing.

The Middle Passage: James Hollis

James Hollis has a wonderful ability to use no wasted words, so while this is a relatively short book, it is absolutely packed with gold.


The Middle Passage explores the stage of our lives which sits between childhood and adulthood as a result of a person not 'coming of age'.


When one understands the middle passage, the phases of your life seem to make complete sense and mapping your route to eldership becomes far easier.

A New Earth: Eckhart Tolle

This book significantly shifted my understanding of the ego, so much so that I found it altered my every thought after reading it.

Eckhart's poetic style and ability to bring the abstract into profound beauty make this book an absolute joy to read, the fact it can be so transformational at the same time is a mark of its greatness.

The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are: Alan Watts

If you're unfamiliar with the work of Alan Watts, then this introduction could be a moment you never forget.

The book explores the truth of who we are beneath all of the layers of programming. His understanding of many faiths, religions and cultures combined with the most eloquent way of presenting his case make reading this book a life changing experience.

The Universe Project: Jonathan CR Davies


The Universe Project provides a perspective on Consciousness explaining fundamental principles and how they pertain to our Universe. It defines life-streams, dimensions, Angels, Souls, Creator Gods and people.

Simply put The Universe Project provides the most descriptive breakdown of the hidden realms and the importance of their role in creation.

The Immortality Key: Brian C. Muraresku

During 12 years of painstaking research Brian has produced a seminal piece of work for understanding organised religion as we see it now, and the real way to connect to the divine.


His research journey sees him speak with some of the most respected historians alive today with the intention of uncovering one thing; what role did psychadelics play in the early stages of the worlds biggest religions?


For anyone who prefers to know truth, rather than the programming thrown at us by the bodies of control in our society, this book is mandatory reading.

Reality Unwrapped


Why does life often seem like such a struggle?

Why do the things which we know should be in our lives, simply not arrive?

How do you correct this and align with your true path?


How do you manifest your perfect existence?


Over the last few years I have channelled the answers to these questions.

In this book I explore this channelled wisdom and offer practical steps which can be taken so that you can harmonise with the naturally unfolding algorithm of this reality.

- Understand what we are, why we are here and what happens when we die

- Learn the inner workings of sacred geometry
- Synergise with the secret code of the algorithm

- Upgrade to a level of body consciousness experienced by less than 1% of people
- Discover the power of imeccability, equanimity and serenity

- Transcend through the three levels of harmonious being

- Integrate the profundity of angelic harmonisation.

We are manifesting our reality 100% of the time, so why does our life not look as perfect as we know it can?


The book is scheduled for release Winter 2021.